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Hanging out

Who: Sherry, Nica, Pete, Ellen, whomever
Where: Corona Beach then Java The Hut
When: Monday Afternoon/evening
What: Hanging Out
Summary: Nica and Sherry were spending time at the beach, when they decided to do something else- and coffee happened
Incomplete/ Complete: Incomplete
Rating: PG

Nica had been spending her day on the beach, doing something she hadn't done in a very long time.  Tanning.   Her cousin sat beside her, in long sleeves and a floppy hat.

" I don't know why you're trying to get darker."  Sherry shook her head, and regretted the last time she was out at the beach.

"A tan looks good, if it's real and not one of those orange things everyone seems to have these days."

"I don't want to get any darker.  When I get dark, I stay dark."

"Yeah, that makes sense." replied Nica, after looking at Sherry.  They sat in silence for a while, when Sherry looked at the ocean, then the sky, then where they sat on the beach.  She frowned.

 "Let's go do something else."  suggested Sherry

"Sure.  What've you got in mind?"

"Don't know." Sherry shrugged, and gathered stuff quickly. "Let's just see where we end up."

Sherry and Nica hopped into Sherry's car, and drove for a few minutes.  Eventually, they ended up at a small coffee shop not far from the studio.

"Mocha, right?"  asked Sherry, to Nica.  It was something that she drank a lot.

"Hi, guys!"  Pete, the security guard waved cheerfully from the table.

"Hi Pete!"  Sherry smiled, and waved as she and Nica walked over to Pete.

"How's it going?"  He asked

"Not bad.  How are you?"  Nica said, while taking a seat.

"Could be worse. Had to toss out a couple of trash mag folk earlier, nothing big."

"Oh.. that's bad."  said Sherry, in response to Pete.  "Was it whoever wrote that article in Glib Beat?"  She sat next to Nica after shoving her bag under the table.

"Maybe. There's quite a few of those guys puttering around. I mean, it's their job and all, but The Director has a strict no-tabloidists policy except under special circumstances."

"Well... at least you were there to get them out."  said Sherry, after thinking things over for a second.  "It must be fun for them to make up stories."

Ellen walked in to the cafe, looking slightly annoyed and rather wet.

"Stupid, stupid rain machine," she grumbled.

"Hi.. come on over.  Dry off."  Sherry wved to Ellen, and ushered her over.

Ellen headed over and wrung out her jacket along the way. "I hate new show season. It seems like everything we packed away from last time we filmed malfunctions in some way when we bring it back out."

 "Do you have people to test the stuff... or is that your job?"  asked Sherry

 "Well, we all pitch in," Ellen said. "It's crazy around this time. And as the Director's assistant, I have to be everywhere checking in on everything it seems."

"Well, if you need help, just let me know.  I got nothing better to do.. no matter what the tabloids say"   Sherry said

"At least nothing caught fire..." Pete grinned as he said that

" Well, there is that." replied Ellen

"Coffee or tea?"  asked Sherry, turning to Ellen

"Tea please- thanks hon."

"Oh, it's no problem.  I know i'd hate it if I was cold and wet"  said Sherry, as she went off to get tea and other drinks.  She came back a few minutes later with mocha,  pitcher of coffee and tea and a few mugs.  She leaves again, and returns with a big basket of muffins, and a green tea for herself.

"Thanks, hon." said Nica

"So, feeling nervous?"  asked Pete

"Nope."  Sherry said

"I am. Always."  replied Ellen

"I'm here... you know?  Even if I don't get hired, I can do something else" Sherry explained. 

Ellen sipped her tea.

Nica shrugged.  "Things'll work out one way or the other.  All we can do is try."

"I'm sure things will work out... and I bet once those machines get used to being out again, they'll settle right on down."  Sherry added, after a moment.

"Well, you guys'll have fun, I'm sure."  said Ellen

"Do you have time for barbeques?"  asked Sherry  "I'm going to have one on Saturday, and if its a regular thing, you're always invited...  maybe wind down a little bit"

"Sounds pretty good."  said Ellen

"Great!"  Sherry smiled  "Do you eat meat?"  Something suddenly came to mind, and she turned to Nica. "  Nica, I forgot to tell you.  My Mama called, and wants your sizes.  She wants to make you stuff."

 "... seriously?  That's so cool!"  said Nica

"Yes, meat is fine."  Ellen smiled

"She's always doing stuff like that"  explained Sherry, to Nica. "Great, Ellen.  I just love steak!"

"Steak rocks."  Nica agreed  "Especially a nice fillet mignon wrapped in bacon, with a ... oh, crap, now I'm getting hungry."

Sherry held out the basket of muffins, just s Pete's stomach rumbled.

"Plenty for all.  Eat up."  said Sherry "Go on now... eat."

"Thanks! "  smiled Pete, before grabbing a muffin, and munching on it.

"Thanks, you're a peach."  said Nica, also grabbing a muffin.

"If you say Georgia Peach, I'm going to sneak some sprouts into your dinner."  Sherry shot Nica a Look.

"Oooooh, you're evil."  Nica shuddered

"Hah. I guess you hear that a lot?"  asked Ellen, as she got her  muffin.

"Yes.  Almost every day.  Once someone knows where I'm from it's 'Oh, you're such a Georgia peach.' "

"Does Georgia have a lot of peaches?"asked Pete, a questioning look on his face.

"They're known for it, hon."  replied Ellen

"Seriously?"  asked Pete "Huh. I don't eat a lot of peaches, but..."

"It's the state fruit."  Sherry might not have always payed attention in school, but she was pretty sure of that fact.

"Huh. Go figure."  said Pete

Nica tried to get her mind out of the gutter, as the conversation shifted gears.

"So how's things been?"  asked Ellen

"Pretty good."  answered Sherry  "I'm making friends, running lines, and learning my way around the island."


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Feb. 19th, 2008 09:31 pm (UTC)
"Glad to hear it," Ellen said. "You ready to try out for some of the shows? Looks like there's going to be a pretty good lineup this season..."
Feb. 19th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
"I'm ready." said Sherry, after a moment "I'm going to try out for as much as I can, and hope that I get a role."
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