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Time to celebrate auditions!

Who: Sherry  OT anyone, and everyone
Where: Corona Beach
When: Sunday afternoon

Sherry smiled.  She had the grill going, a large cooler full of drinks- and lots of seats for everyone.  Cold stuff was in another cooler, and she had enough different types of food to make just about everyone happy.

This was to celebrate the auditions!  Soon, everyone would have roles, and filming would start.  She wanted to spend time with all her new coworkers, and get to know everyone.
Who:  Meredith Rowan.  Possibly Mandy Glib.  Possibly someone else.
What: Interview
Where: A very comfortable room in The Glib Building.
When: Monday Afternoon
Rating : PG-13, just because it's an interview
Open/Closed: Open

The Glib Building looks like a large home.  It's white, Georgian style manor, with a garden in the front yard, and a large, white iron fence surrounding it.  The walkway was made of white cobblestones.  It lead to the porch, and the slightly ajar front door. 

The hallways were painted a pale pink, and the floors were done in the lightest of woods.  All of the doors were locked, except for one, that was wide open.

The room was decorated in pinks and grays, and furnished with light woods and plush furniture.  A table off to the corner displayed a wide variety of snacks and drinks.

The room and building seemed to be empty- though open.  Open, and waiting.

As Advertised: Matt and Merry

Who: Matthew, Meredith
Where: Matthew's Apartment Building
When: Saturday
What: Feeling out a new situation.
Summary: Merry decides to take Matt up on his offer to view the apartment with an eye to moving in.
Incomplete/ Complete: Complete
Rating: R
Grabbing Jessamyn's keys, Meredith called out "I'm off to check out that apartment I told you about!" as she headed for the door. From deep within the house Meredith could hear the steady clicking of keyboard keys and a mumbled reply that she thought sounded like 'Good Luck'. 

[phone tag: Matt]

Hanging out

Who: Sherry, Nica, Pete, Ellen, whomever
Where: Corona Beach then Java The Hut
When: Monday Afternoon/evening
What: Hanging Out
Summary: Nica and Sherry were spending time at the beach, when they decided to do something else- and coffee happened
Incomplete/ Complete: Incomplete
Rating: PG

Nica had been spending her day on the beach, doing something she hadn't done in a very long time.  Tanning.   Her cousin sat beside her, in long sleeves and a floppy hat.

" I don't know why you're trying to get darker."  Sherry shook her head, and regretted the last time she was out at the beach.

"A tan looks good, if it's real and not one of those orange things everyone seems to have these days."

"I don't want to get any darker.  When I get dark, I stay dark."

"Yeah, that makes sense." replied Nica, after looking at Sherry.  They sat in silence for a while, when Sherry looked at the ocean, then the sky, then where they sat on the beach.  She frowned.

 "Let's go do something else."  suggested Sherry

"Sure.  What've you got in mind?"

"Don't know." Sherry shrugged, and gathered stuff quickly. "Let's just see where we end up."

Writer's Block

Who: Michael & Wolf, open to anyone else
Where: Smooth Moves smoothie shop, downtown
When: Monday afternoon
What: Having smoothies!
Summary: Michael's working on the new season's theme songs, and needs a smoothie break.
Rating: PG
Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

"Who wants to be a vampire?" Michael sang for the fifteenth time that day. "Who wants to be undead? Fangs for the memories, sleeping in a coffin bed..."

He threw down the guitar in a fit of pique. "It's not going right," he complained. "There's just not a wide variety of 'happy upbeat catchy tune' you can do when you're talking about a game show that has a basic plot of answering trivia questions so that some ovedramatic overbiter doesn't rip your throat out."

He pouted and kicked his feet. "There's no good new shows this season! And filming starts for some of these like NEXT WEEK! And I don't have any good material to work with. And the line up's going to be dreadful, and no one'll remember any of the jingles because I'm not making any progress whatsoever here!"

Wolf was used to the tirade. It happened every season right before the new shows opened. Michael went through this process of writing so much he barely slept, then tearing apart what he wrote, and turning in a final product sometimes mere days before a show was scheduled to begin. "Smoothie?" he suggested calmly, getting the keys to their car.

"Smoothie?" Michael said, perking up. "Well, I really should finish this up but... that does sound good."

It didn't take much convincing. After a short drive downtown, they headed in to the Smooth Moves Smoothie shop - theme songs forgotten, at least for the moment.


Who: Valentine, Matthew, any other housewarming visitors
Where: Matthew's apartment in Murray Manor
When: Sunday , around dinner time.
Summary: Valentine shows up with a cactus!
Incomplete/Complete: Incomplete
Rating: PG

Valentine considered what was appropriate to give someone for a housewarming gift. He had only spoken briefly to Matthew, so he didn't know the guy's tastes - only that he had moved into a better class of apartments and that he knew the mystical secrets of laundry.

That fact alone made Valentine desperately wish to become his friend. A cactus! Nothing said 'welcome to your house, here is something to make it homey' like cacti. He'd stopped at a florist along the way, then carried the small succulent carefully on the bus all the way downtown.

When he got off, he walked the block and a half from the bus stop to the apartment complex, and went inside to find the right room. He ran a hand through his hair, straightened the cactus, then knocked on the door hoping Matthew was in.

Happy Birthday to you!

Who: Sherry open to whomever
Where: Corona Beach
When: Thursday Afternoon
What: Surprise party for Val
Summary: Today is Val's Birthday, and Sherry got a party together for him.  Everyone is invited!
Incomplete/ Complete: Incomplete
Rating: PG

Sherry loved birthdays, especially when one of her friends had a birthday.  It was Valentine's Day, yes, but it was also Val's birthday.  She decorated a small section of the beach in his favorite colors, and set up a few tables, chairs, and a barbecue.  (having obtained permission first, of course)

Nica would arrive with the cake soon, and she already had a few presents stacked up for him.

She hoped he would like everything, and that nothing would go wrong.

Alone-ly boy

Who: Valentine open to whomever
Where: Palm Ridge apartments
When: Saturday night
What: Hanging out
Summary: Val is getting lonely in his new apartment and looks for some company
Incomplete/ Complete:Complete
Rating: PG

Valentine was pleased to have his own apartment, away from his mother's influence. Sure, it was nice to have his own place. His own couch, where he could put his feet up. His own kitchen, where he could leave the door to the refrigerator open for as long as he liked. He could drink his milk straight out of the carton. The freedom and novelty of this had lasted all day. But as night came around, he started hearing sounds in the silence. It was too quiet, so any creak from some floorboard in a neighboring apartment sounded like a gunshot. He tried turning on the television, but the programing all seemed to be something that made him edgy. Music was no better. This was the first night of his life, all nearly-19 years of it, that he'd ever spent alone. And it was creeping him out.

Telling himself he'd just head down to the little apartment lounge and get a soda, Valentine hurried out into the hallway. There had to be people... somewhere, right? Other people lived here.